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Minimalism On Wheels

Jan 15, 2018

Full time is NOT for everyone and while there are pros and cons, I think the pros outweighed the cons. There is Facebook groups, podcasts, bloggers etcetera who only share positive and cool updates from their full-time RV-lives.
But is fulltime RVing for everyone? No! And not all RVs are up to full timing.

Hear my perspective on some of the benefits and challenges of full-time RV living in this episode.

Let's start with the pros:
NO HOUSE PAYMENT! Less cleaning, more me-time dog-time party-time reading-time more time outside and meeting new people and debt free. 
Wherever you go, you will have all your stuff with you. No more forgetting your toothbrush or sweatshirt.

Laundry, where to empty the toilet and gray tank, you’ll be putting far more mental time into adapting to new situations than you’re used to, and less time just living and no long warm showers.
One thing beginners forget is that when vehicles move, things eventually break. Campground wifi is horrible most of the time but I don’t park there because it's always too expensive but anyways.
Camper walls are thin and diesel trucks are loud so is going to keep you awake in the beginning.
Resource management, If you are the type of person that loves to soak in the tub, you are going to be out of luck when you live in an RV full time because all you will have is a shower. 

Living in a RV as a minimalist means .. less reliance on stuff and You learn to live with less stuff. You have no choice. You could park it by the side of the road or at a beach or on a mountaintop at night and sleep for free, The views, sunsets, wildlife, are completely awesome. You get to travel and explore Europe and the world! your grabbing life by the balls

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